A Profile of Mineral Prospector Mick Shmazian

The current technological era has brought a significant increase in the use of mineral resources that were already in relatively short supply. Now, there is a relative scarcity of some of the minerals needed by much of society. Many industries and the entire world economy depend heavily on the strong efforts of mineral prospectors, including the estimable Mick Shmazian, to help keep the flow of certain minerals constant, thus maintaining stability in both supply and price.

There are many speculators out there who drive the price of some minerals up, which is good for them, but not for most others. Mick Shmazian and other mineral prospectors make those efforts less effective. While the forward movement of technology makes it likely that many of these mineral resources will be replaced at some point, that could be decades away. Meanwhile, it has become very important for mining companies and many others to maintain a reliable supply, which makes the efforts of mineral prospectors like Mick Shmazian very important.